Review: The NKJV Study Bible, Personal Size, Paperback: Full-Color Edition

The NKJV Study Bible, Personal Size, Paperback: Full-Color Edition
The NKJV Study Bible, Personal Size, Paperback: Full-Color Edition by Thomas Nelson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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From time to time, I see a Bible available for review on BookLook Bloggers. Normally this isn’t a big issue for me, because I only get two credits for requesting at a time so I don’t feel the slightest desire to spend one on a Bible (especially since I already have about six here at home!). A few months ago, though, the options were particularly slim–all the good books had already been snapped up for the month–and I had a credit to burn. I figured, why not? I’ll request a Bible! I’d already learned that I didn’t like ugly hardback Bibles, so I went with this nice-looking paperback one. And by paperback, I thought it meant that the picture was just the box it came in and then the Bible itself would be leatherbound.

I guess I need to read the fine print more closely. Because when they say paperback, they mean paperback. And that ugly picture you see up there? Yeah, that’s literally what’s printed on the outside of the Bible. Yuck. Also, this thing is shaped like a brick. It’s got about the same proportions as one, too–very short, squat, and heavy. Not attractive at all.

Honestly, I can’t really get over this Bible’s outward ugliness. I’ve barely been able to make myself use it at all. Flipping through it, though, the font seems like a reasonable size (though it might be a tad small if you have vision problems). The text itself fills about two-thirds of the page, and the bottom third is made up of notes on the text. I also see a variety of maps, tables, cultural notes, etc. scattered throughout the entire Bible, and detailed introductions at the beginning of each book. The maps and pictures featured in the introductions are all done in full color, which is–ironically enough, looking at the cover–pretty aesthetically pleasing.

I don’t know, I like my books to be attractive on the outside. I like to pick them up, stroke them in appreciation for a minute, and then open them up. There’s no attractiveness to this one, so I know I won’t be motivated to use it any time soon. I’d much rather study from my pretty pink leather-bound Bible! The biggest perk of this particular study Bible, though, is that it’s only thirty dollars. I suppose, if I actually had to pay for a new Bible, that would be a pretty huge note in its favor.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from the publisher through the BookLook Program.

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