Review: 101 Ways to Have Fun: Things You Can Do with Friends, Anytime!

101 Ways to Have Fun: Things You Can Do with Friends, Anytime!
101 Ways to Have Fun: Things You Can Do with Friends, Anytime! by Faithgirlz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I decided to review this book because it looked interesting. I reviewed one of the other books in this series a while ago (Redo Your Room – my review here), which had lots of cute advice but not many that I actually wanted to do to my own room. I thought it would probably be the same with this one, lots of theoretically-interesting tips but nothing I could really apply to my own life. Was I right? No.

The tips in here are actually pretty cool. They’re separated into categories, like “Just for Y-O-U” and “Friend Zone,” all of which have at least some ideas I could adapt to do all by myself as well as ones that look like a blast to try with a group of friends. I just moved here a few months ago, so I’m still working on that group of friends, but I can still attest to the fun of some of the activities. Shopping vintage, an idea from “Have a Blast with you BFF,” is something I love to do all by myself, so it was cool to see it listed. I’ve also done BFF coupons, which are always a lot of fun. I love the idea of doing a “wardrobe makeover,” where friends look at each other’s clothes and put together new outfits. That looks like something I’d love to do! They also suggest co-hosting a blog together, making skin scrubs, wrapping your earbuds with embroidery floss, starting a book swap, and tons of other cool ideas. Some of them are kind of obvious, like a movie marathon at a sleepover, and others are things I’m not really that interested in doing – like turning old jeans into shorts (haha, I don’t have any old jeans!) or making rosewater iced tea (which just doesn’t look tasty to me) – but there are still a whole bunch of creative, fun ideas that I’m hoping to try out soon.

I’m definitely not going to tell you to run out and buy this book right now, because if I didn’t already have it I wouldn’t be buying it myself. But I will say that it’s got good ideas, and it’s the perfect book for people who want to get together with friends and make a conscious effort to come up with some new, fun things to do together. If you’re running short on ideas, I’d suggest giving 101 Ways to Have Fun a try.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers program.

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